Turn key foundry plants

Starting from the Customer’s productivity requirements and thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge, we design, manufacture and commission turn key gravity or low pressure foundry plants.

Robotized Casting Cells

Through robotic technology IMR has applied with the use of major robot brands the industry 4.0 concept to its machinery. We design, manufacture and commission complete gravity or low pressure casting cells.


We retrofit old machines such as gravity, low pressure and sand core machines. Furthermore our specialized technicians after a preventive evaluation, are able to reline our old furnaces, extending their duration.

All these interventions are performed always using IMR original spare parts and top quality components on the market.

Molds & Core boxes

Based on the Customer’s requirements, we are capable of providing technical consulting service by analyzing the drawings or samples and give support for the molds and core boxes designing and manufacturing process.

E-motion technology

Electric – Ecologic – Efficient

This is the new technology that drives the next generation of IMR’s machines. High speed servomotors for harsh environments coupled with high torque gear-boxes meaning a high torque with fast and precise output. Reduced cycle time.

No hydraulics at all, no hydraulic pump and cylinders, no electro-valves means no oil leakage and hardly any maintenance. Very low energy consumption (70% energy saving).